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Our daughters have been attending Aquarius Swimschool for quite some time. They both really look forward to their lessons; enjoy them when they are there and are so much more confident in the water because of them. 
The Peckham Family 
Experienced and friendly instructors which helps the children with their confidence and gives peace of mind for the parents. 
Parents of Jed Sowden 
I can't believe how much my 5 month old enjoys his swimming lessons, and how quickly he took to it. He has so much fun while I know he's learning life-saving techniques. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend BeBe Swimming, I'm so glad we signed our son up. 
Angeline Trevena 
The confidence you feel knowing your children are safe and confident around water, and the tears you shed for being so proud of your 4 year old son when he swims 200m unaided. 
Charlene Cessford, Mum to Jack, age 4 and Charlie, 1 year 
Nothing beats the feeling you get seeing your children swim their first width on the pool completely unaided and only 4 years old! So proud of my two. The best thing we did for them, enrolling with BeBe swimming! 
Kate Taplin 
My son's been swimming with you for a couple of years now. I'm so proud of how he's got on that I'm getting him surfing lessons when the weather warms up. Thanks for all the great lessons & professionalism 
Jennifer Jefferies 
What can I say other than you are amazing the way you and your team teach our children just outstanding in every way with such fun and inspiration.xx 
Marci Anne Baxter 
It has been great to have Aquarius Swimschool teach our five children to swim. I am very grateful for their commitment to the children and for their standard of teaching. 
Langston Family 
Excellent instruction in a safe, friendly and fun atmosphere. 
Mr & Mrs Glover 
As a teenager, Michael has enjoyed developing his swimming skills in a friendly small group environment. Many thanks. 
Mr & Mrs Laycock 
My daughter has been swimming with Lisa for nearly 9 years. She loves swimming. Lisa and co are like family. They are caring, friendly and very professional. I would recommend highly. 
Parents of Evie, aged 9 
Friendly, encouraging, professional. The kids absolutely love it! 
Laura has been with Aquarius Swimschool for 5 years since she was 6 months old. Her swimming ability is really good and she has loads of confidence, so much so the water doesn’t phase her. We wouldn’t choose anyone else to teach her to swim. 
Wilkinson Family 
My daughter has been with the Aquarius Swimschool since she was 8 months old and she is now 7 years old. I wouldn’t want her to go anywhere else; all the swim instructors are fantastic and teach children of any ability. In the six years I have known the owner of Aquarius, Mrs L J Bousted; I have seen the swimschool go from strength to strength. My daughter is now a very confident swimmer. 
Parent of Caitlin Gubb, A Gubb 
It’s a real pleasure for my children to learn to swim with Lisa and her team, watching a two year old swim is a credit to the teaching that is being given. 
Parents of Amie and Josie 
What I like is that I can take my 2 year old in the pool in the parent toddler class whilst my 5 year old has her lesson in the same pool some time next to me, making it easier for a parent to do. 
Chance Family 
My little boy is just 5 months old and before he started swimming with you guys he hated bath time or water in his face.....now he gets very excited at bath time and getting ready for swimming so thank you all especially Louise xxx 
Clare Drew 
We started our eldest daughter swimming when she was just 14 weeks old, it was the best decision we have made. We are such proud parents watching my now 2 year old swimming on her own without mummy in her lesson and it’s all thanks to Aquarius & BeBe Swimschools. She has such confidence in the water and I recommend them to everyone. We have recently started our 16 week old baby swimming as well; I look forward to watching her progress. 
Tracey Nicholls 
I can only say the same high recommendations. Emilia absolutely loves her lessons and simply can't wait to get in the pool!!! She finds the classes great fun and has so much confidence in the water now. When we first started I was very nervous holding her in the water but you made me very relaxed and have given both of us such confidence so we both thoroughly enjoy it xx 
Kat Curtis 
I started swimming with Aquarius when I was 5; I then went through all the levels until I was 11. I got the opportunity to work for them just over a year ago and now have my first aid at work, student swim teacher and NaRS Pool safety qualifications. I am currently working towards becoming a fully qualified instructor at 16. I really enjoy working there as the staff are happy, friendly and always ready to help. I know that I can always go to them for help and the training will put me in good stead for the future and that I will have qualifications that will help me find work anywhere in the UK. 
Alice Pocock, age 15 
Ella is only 10 months but she loves her swimming lessons and being in the water. Water confidence is so important and is great you provide this from such a young age! Great fun too!! Highly recommended! Only down side - very messy bath times x 
Christie Delaney 
What a fantastic family run business, bend over backward to help you, build amazing relationships with children, which is vital in young ones, determination is shown through and through. My 2 daughters swam from 10 weeks and 6 weeks, and the trust I have in Lisa Bousted with them is unquestionable. Thank you for all you have done for Grace, Harriet and of course myself! 
Ruth Bucknell 
The best children’s swimming lessons in North Devon. 
The Bradford Family 
All four of our children have successfully learnt to swim with Aquarius. We would happily recommend them and particularly for children lacking confidence in the water. 
Skinner Family 
My little girl has progressed so well I wish I had brought my two older boys to Aquarius to learn to swim. 
Mr A Brooks 
Absolutely Brilliant. Both my babies started early and are now so water confident. Thanks! 
Mum to Sonny and Tallie 
Thanks for making my kids such strong, confident swimmers and all done in a way which they have enjoyed it. 
Mrs I Stapleton 
‘Excellent, attentive instructors’ 
Mrs Bennett 
I would definitely recommend Aquarius to anyone looking for swimming lessons for their child. Our children love the lessons and have grown in confidence thanks to the patience of the instructors. Classes are small so instructors have time for each child. Brilliant! 
C. Purchase 
Billy started swimming with Aquarius at 3 months old and has his ups and downs but the support from Lisa and staff are outstanding. Billy’s confidence has grown so much and his ability is amazing when in the pool. I love watching the groups progress and learn from a young age. Billy loves swimming and has learnt so much from Lisa. A big thank you. 
Lucy, parent of Billy 
My two children have progressed steadily with the help of the Aquarius Team. We have been extremely happy with the teaching as all the team have been so encouraging, kind and professional. The kids are tired at the end of the session, but happy and are now very confident in the water. Thank you. 
Pope Family 
We are delighted with Josh’s progress since he’s started learning with Aquarius Swimschool. He looks forward to coming every week and he is now very confident in the water. Scott and Lisa are so good with the children, it’s a lovely class 
Parent of Josh Wood 
We started bringing our daughter to swimming lessons from 4 months old and although she sometimes has confidence issues, the fun packed lessons and high standard of teaching has proven valuable to help our overcome this. The lessons are great value for money and teach the children a valuable life skill. 
Kate Kellaway, mother of Isla, aged 5 
My daughter thoroughly enjoys and looks forward to her swimming lessons every week with Charlotte. The atmosphere is really friendly and my daughter has benefitted greatly from the expert tuition. Thank you. 
Ruby’s dad 
Kyle has been swimming with Aquarius since 5 months old and now at 4 years old is loving the lessons every week is doing amazing. Love watching the blue hat class on a Friday. The teachers are warm, friendly but authorative and Kyle has so much fun! 
The Yeo Family 
Gabriel began swimming at 6 months old with Aquarius. I have been amazed at the confidence and ability he has in the water now a t 5 years old. Lisa and her lovely team have an excellent teaching style that is both disciplined and fun to get the very best out of the children. If you really want your child to learn to swim, send them to Aquarius. 
Earl Napier, parent of Gabriel 
Sonny has been with the swimschool since he was 6 months, he is now 4 and his confidence in the water is amazing and continue to go from strength to strength under the guidance of his instructors who build a fantastic rapport with the kids. 
Parent to Sonny 
Our little one has been swimming with Aquarius since he was 6 months old. He’s now in the pre-schools group on his own and is going from strength to strength. It’s fantastic to see. Thank you. 
Reuben’s mum 
I would recommend Aquarius Swimschool to anyone wishing to learn to swim or to swim at a higher standard. All the instructors are very friendly and great at teaching the children. 
Aquarius has been amazing for Joshua’s confidence in the water. He looks forward to his lessons every week! Our youngest Liam, is starting to enjoy being in the water. We would recommend Aquarius to any parents who think it is important for their child to be safe in and around water. 
Parent of Joshua (4) and Liam (15 months) Cresswell 
My two daughters have learnt to swim with the Aquarius Swimschool and started as babies; 3 and 6 months. The caring, friendly and safe environment, coupled with excellent teaching and support has ensured that both girls are now swimming on their own (6 and 3 years) and have a great love of water. 
Mrs Victoria Squire 
I cannot thank Lisa and Ian enough for teaching my twins to swim. They had been going to swimming lessons but were getting nowhere, but within a term they were both swimming unaided! So, when I got pregnant again and had a little girl they were the only people I could trust to help me get her used to the water, so much so that Lisa had her in the water at the age of 3 weeks and she has had swimming lessons ever since and absolutely loves the water. She is now 2 and going through a stage of not wanting to do anything I tell her in the water, but all it takes is one of the instructors to talk her into (which is done through fun) and away she goes. Well done all of you, you all deserve medals! 
Louise Phipps Snell 
Megan and Alex both started swimming lessons when they were 3. Maddy and Daniel came in with me aged 2 and a bit and 6ish months. Maddy really struggles as she is tiny, whereas Daniel who is a much bigger build copes really well. But me as a mum and trainee swimming teacher am a nightmare, I am fearful of everything even though Daniel is more than able. I think I will be happier when I don’t have to be in the water with him, as then it is someone else’s responsibility. 
Liana Cane 
I can remember when I first brought Charlie swimming nearly six years ago. Lisa and Ian have done so well keep up the good work. What you both are doing is great and that’s why I would not have anyone else to teach Charlie, Oakley and storm to swim 
Emma Butt 
Lucy started with you about 6 and half years ago. After all the hard work by Lisa and co. she now swims at 6am 3 times a week in 25m and 50m outdoor pools. All 4 strokes are as good as can be and her love for swimming still shows from how she has been taught. A VERY BIG THANK YOU. She is nearly 7 years old now and competes in swim carnivals in Australia. Lisa was her teacher for a long time and misses her sooooooo. much, the only reason she no longer teaches her is because we moved across the other side of the world. 
Trish Chapple, Australia 
I have 4 children and, 2 of them were swimming at another pool, our oldest daughter could swim but her technique was awful, our oldest boy was not swimming at all. We went for an intensive course with Aquarius during the summer holidays and have never looked back. Our oldest girl is now a very proficient swimmer, and our oldest boy has just swum his first 25 metres. Our two youngest also go and although our 3 year old is having a few paddy's at the moment, Lisa always manages to get her swimming. Our 18 month old little boy has been swimming since he was 6 months old and is a complete water baby. I have been so inspired by Lisa and Ian that I have trained with Lisa as a level 2 swimming teacher and am currently training at West Buckland on a Tuesday evening. I hope to be going solo next term!! Well done Lisa and co, keep up the amazing work that you do, and an especially big thanks to Ollie for all the time and patience he has had with Alex. 
Mum to 4 swimmers 
Barney and Joel both started swimming with Aquarius at about 10 weeks. Barney became terrified and uncooperative at about 18 months and lessons became a real struggle, but you should see him now!!! He spends most of his time swimming under water and finds it a real pleasure. Joel too is swimming with confidence and his body position is fantastic, he will soon be as able as his big brother. My baby Martha began last term at 10 weeks, the experience of swimming with her is just as emotional as it was with the boys. Its special one to one time spent with no interruptions. We can all swim together now without me having to worry too much about my 4 and 5 year old boys which I think is a great achievement! From an old timer I would still highly recommend you! Great memories and 3 happy swimmers xx 
Anna Jillings 
Just wanted to say how much Halley is loving his lessons (11am, Waie Inn, Tues). He loves the water just like his Daddy and I really enjoy watching them in the pool together (even if I do still get a bit nervous when they do submersions!) 
Angelina Trevena 
Lisa, you know how much you guys have done for my tribe over the years - and just how far they have come from those four jibbering wrecks about nine years ago! Your teaching spoke volumes when Pip fell in a pool at 2 years of age. It just amazes me that a tiny swimmer knew how to save her calmly because of how you had taught her to turn round and kick back to the side. Only the adults were panicking!! 
Carina Tall 
Amazing lesson Ian absolutely loved it, and Ava is a really fish in water I'm so chuffed to bits thank you. 
Lindsay Butler 
Have just got back from Levi's first swimming lesson and he loved it! He was asleep before we left the hospital grounds, can't wait until next week! 
Claire Beauchamp 
Amelia had a brilliant first swimming lesson, it was brilliant :) thanks to BeBe Swimming. 
Lindsay Butler 
When our daughter started she was so scared but the girls very quickly made her feel special & safe & after just a few weeks sessions we now have a child who is happy to go in the water & let go of the girls hands They Make every child & parent feel so relaxed I recommend them to anyone who asks. All the staff are fantastic 
Angie Dunford 
I joined Aquarius when I was 5 I think, and I loved it, just being in the water. With the help of Lisa, Ian and all the staff at Aquarius I spent many lessons learning to swim, it was the only sport I was ever any good at and I was determined never to give up! After being in orange hat for a considerable amount of time, my mum decided that I could swim. After a conversation with Ian it was decided I would stay on until I was 13, and then I would be taken in and trained to be a swimming assistant, it really was a dream come true! I love working with kids and swimming instructing was a great was to do this! With Aquarius I had the opportunity to do a range of courses that will set me up for work in later life and in progressing through the levels of swimming instructing. I enjoy every minute of what I do and I couldn't have done it without Aquarius. 
Elsbeth Beard, age 15 
After watching my children having lessons with Aquarius, I took the “plunge” and had lessons myself. When I started all I could do was float and flail arms about for a very shambolic 25m breaststroke! Last year I did my first mile incorporating all strokes. I am now confident in the deep end and still improving! I can’t thank Aquarius enough. (The kids are doing well too!!!) Thank you Lisa, Ian and the “Team”. 
Sandra Pickard (+ Jack & Harry) 
I am absolutely thrilled with the progress Chase has made with Aquarius. We just couldn’t get her to swim without the security of arm bands. Lisa and the team had her swimming confidently without armbands so quickly. She is currently in a white hat, beginner group, heading towards the next milestone. It wasn’t an option not to be able to swim as we live by the Coast. It’s a lifesaver. 
Mum of Chase Spencer 
All three of our children have come on in leaps and bounds since having swimming lessons with Aquarius. Our seven year old twins have particularly thrived from the type of lessons Aquarius provide. They were afraid of the water and would not get in the pool – within months Ian and Megan got them both swimming. Amazing! Something we thought we’d never see! Thank you 
Parents of Dan, Jake & Olly Redstone 
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